How we hire

We want to work with people who are passionate about growing as individuals. We look for people with potential and vision as well as current skills.

You need to be agile, resilient and love a challenge. We want you to collaborate with our clients, yet be confident to challenge so new ideas can come to life that result in competitive advantages. We’re seeking people who like to share their knowledge and who want to be leaders in their field.

What we look for

It’s not always easy to spot talent. Throughout the process we look for a combination of things:
  • Sought-after industry skills: Whether you’re a technical guru or an industry expert, we’re looking for excellence. Yet, we don’t stop there. We pride ourselves in being trusted advisors to our clients. We never sell a solution the client doesn’t need or want. Instead, we focus on solving business challenges; our people are hired for finding answers to the most complex business questions. 
  • The right DNA: This is about being in tune with our culture. We want to know what makes you tick. Everything we do is defined by our core values and they take precedence over all strategies and goals. We work hard to ensure we never contradict them. 
  • Strong potential: We want you to stay and grow with us. We’re looking for people who can not only demonstrate what they can do now, but can show that they’ve the right drive, approach and insights to grow with us tomorrow.  

The selection process

Our recruitment process allows you to meet different people across the company, including those outside your area of expertise. We want you to really understand us. In addition, we’re always happy for you to independently approach people working at Bluefin and ask them what it’s like.
  1. Introductory interview. An introductory phone interview with a member of Bluefin’s recruitment team. We want to find out about you, your career to date, circumstances, aspirations and motivations. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to find out more about Bluefin, and get a feel for who we are and what we do. It’s a two-way process.
  2. Technical assessment. A senior consultant will also assess your technical skills, usually over the phone. You’ll need to demonstrate technical knowledge and capability, plus your potential to fulfil the requirements of the role. Our consultant will share their insight into the job, its technical detail and talk about the types of projects you might work on.
  3. Face-to-face interviews. We’ll ask you to present to a panel. As well as revealing your career aspirations, you should demonstrate your contribution, the type of ideas you have and show how your values fit ours. A one-to-one interview with a senior consultant will follow your presentation.

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