We look for graduates with huge potential and a vision for growing professionally and personally.

Don’t let the subject of your degree deter you from applying. A computer science degree may be handy but there are lots of consultants working here who come from non-technical backgrounds. We can teach skills that’ll benefit you throughout your working life. We’ll also develop your all-round abilities, so you can build a rewarding career.

Our graduate training programme

Our six-week ‘bootcamp’ introduces graduates to life as a consultant, learning technical training and interpersonal skills, before meeting clients. It is taught by our industry mentors, operational and technology experts. It includes an introduction to SAP and how we use it, which amounts to the majority of the bootcamp, and core consultancy and project management skills.

Our selection process

  1. CV and cover letter. Send us your CV and a covering letter setting out why you’re right for us and why you want to work at Bluefin.
  2. Online test. You’ll be invited to do an online numerical and verbal reasoning test.
  3. Phone interview. If you pass the online test, we’ll interview you over the phone to understand more about you, your academic background, career hopes and how you communicate. This is a screening process to shortlist suitable candidates.
  4. Competency-based interview. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to visit for a competency-based interview. A recent graduate will give you a presentation about our training programme, initial projects and about life here. This half-day event is a chance for candidates to ask questions and get to know us better.
  5. Assessment day. Finalists from the interview will be invited to an assessment day to take part in a one-to-one competency-based interview. You’ll also be observed in a number of scenarios including group sessions and social situations so we can see your interpersonal skills. You get to meet consultants and have the chance to ask more about working here. Successful candidates will then be offered a job at Bluefin.
  6. Training. The Bluefin graduate programme accelerates new graduates into key, client-facing roles within three to six months. A timeframe unheard of in most consultancies but one we feel our training enables graduates to make.

Want to apply?

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