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What is the Automated Enterprise?

An enterprise where your business data drives automated decision making and uses inter-connected process intelligence to differentiate from the competition.

Automation has already proven itself in many areas of business. From production lines to delivery with drones, organizations are exploring and embracing automated systems. Yet when it comes to core business processes automation is a rarity - business processes are still seen as a manual task.

The Automated Enterprise delivers value by automating repetitive, simple business processes, while ensuring experts are able to address the exceptions. Freeing business users to focus on doing what they do best: helping the business to grow and delight customers.


Three key principles shape a successful Automated Enterprise

Focus on the
Shaped by your business leaders and end users — not technologists.
Start with the
business priorities
Targeting business processes that will “move the needle”, with ongoing optimization
providing measurable business value.
Leverage your business
data to drive automation
Expose the value in your business data, see it as a true business asset and leverage it to drive intelligent automation.


Benefits of the Automated Enterprise

The Automated Enterprise delivers the following benefits, they can be realised by organizations of all sizes.
Run a truly round-the-clock business by optimizing your core business processes and introducing automation.
Introduce intelligence into business processes, learn from previous decisions and respond in real-time.
Improve services, reduce costs and remove mistakes, treat every customer as an individual.

Transforming into an Automated Enterprise

A staged process that improves with ongoing review, refinement and optimisation.
Think big, start small, act now.
Find the strategic edge Prioritize the critical
Review and understand your business and its data as it exists today to uncover where optimizations could really “move the needle” from a business, data and user perspective. Identify the highest value areas to shape priorities and delivery of significant and visible value to the business.
Business stream Data stream Technology stream

Refine core business processes to work better for users.

Inter-connect core business processes and begin to automate.

Deploy AI across enterprise processes to create room for innovation and accelerate market differentiation.

Understand your data landscape
Map where your data resides, who can access it and how it can be used. 

Leverage data-driven automation
Automate the repetitive and ensure experts are able to address the exceptions, removing the effort and pressures on day-to-day business processes.

Build a technology and application roadmap that supports your business transformation, rather than dictates it.

Choose the technologies needed to support the roadmap of innovation and optimization.

Success stories

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Want to become an Automated Enterprise?

Transformation at this level requires a partner that understands your organization and is committed to its success.. That is why all of our Automated Enterprise customers have a direct relationship with one of the senior leaders in our organization: they are responsible for the program’s success. Let’s make the journey together. Think big. Start small. Act now.

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