Who we are

We are the Mindtree SAP practice, the global leader in digital transformation. Our 1,700 SAP specialists help organisations to gain commercial advantage from data, through advanced innovation, deployment and support of SAP technologies.

Bluefin and SAP: Welcome to possible

SAP is in our DNA. Our clients' success is based on the unique depth of our understanding and knowledge of SAP methodologies and processes. We believe in the power of people and their potential impact on technology. Our agile, collaborative approach to engineering meaningful technology solutions empowers our customers experience results quicker, mitigate risk, and lower their total cost of ownership.

Our core values

  • Customer focus

    We put the customer at the heart of everything we do, helping find answers to complex problems by bringing practical ideas inspired by insights that deliver tangible, measurable business impact.

  • Excellence

    We are defined by a focus of delivering consistent quality to our clients and colleagues, regardless of the challenges or hurdles we face individually or as a team.

  • Integrity

    We earn the trust of our clients and colleagues by reliably delivering on our promises and by acting in a moral and ethical way, regardless of the impact it may have on us as an individual or group.

  • Teamwork

    We believe in developing true partnerships when working together with you. We foster an open and honest environment to support everyone around us.

  • Wellbeing

    We seek out and expect our people to find the right work-life balance which gives them the energy and commitment to be the very best they can be.

Our methodology principles

  • Collaboration

    Achieving balance between teams through project management, sponsorship and communication.

  • Visualisation

    Demos, playbacks, mock-ups and storyboards leading to deeper understanding and effective feedback.

  • Iteration

    Responding to customers’ changing requirements to ensure buy-in of key stakeholders throughout.

Our approach

 We bring complete flexibility to a project, but with a single goal in mind; delivering value to the customer as quickly and reliably as possible.

  • Unique flexible, agile approach
  • Onshore/offshore/near-shore or flexible hybrid balance
  • Quickest time-to-value
  • Minimised risk
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Think big. Start small. Act now.

Our “Think big. Start small. Act now.” approach embodies our commitment to low time-to-benefit. In line with our corporate values, we share our knowledge with our customers to ensure they are not reliant upon Bluefin.

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Our leadership team

  • Arun Rangaraju

    Global SAP Head, Bluefin-Mindtree

  • Raamkumar Raamkumar

    Global Head of Sales

  • Daniel Wilde

    Global Head of SAP CoEs

  • Juliet Clark

    Global Head of HR

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Think big. Start small. Act now.