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Business growth strategy

The secret formula to business success is simple. Get closer to your customers. However, most companies fail to reach their full economic potential because they are distracted by industry hype or are so operationally inefficient that decision-makers are unable to adequately identify, engage and serve customers with agility.

Not surprisingly, high-performance companies have built their culture, operations and strategies around attracting and retaining customers. Success is measured by a company’s ability to arm its employees with the knowledge they require to continuously ask, and answer questions, such as:

  • What products or services do my clients really want?

  • Which new adjacent or geographical markets should we enter next?

  • What operational capabilities does my organisation lack in order to grow?

  • How can I structure and organise my company to respond smarter to consumer trends?

  • Where in my organisation can I release cash to fund growth initiatives across the business?

Unfortunately, these questions can’t be answered in a timely fashion without the use of technology and connecting your employees to the ever-growing and changing communities of customers, suppliers and channel partners, which organisations must tap into for insights and ideas. 

Recent examples of our work

Improved a top-ten charity’s net profit by eight percent

"Bluefin will play an important role in helping us to improve efficiencies and customer service, enabling Action on Hearing Loss to reach out to new markets."Kate Bull, Executive Director of Commercial Services, Action on Hearing Loss

We conducted a strategic business review of Action on Hearing Loss to help turnaround the profitability of the charity’s products, training and consultancy services.  We identified and implemented a series of strategic organisational, operating and IT system changes which resulted in multiple improvements to key performance indicators for stock management, customer relationship management and supplier management.

Created new revenue stream for an electronics company

We helped a hi-tech manufacturing organisation develop its customer e-engagement strategy as part of a move to introduce new cloud based services into its existing customer base as well as diversifying its portfolio of existing physical products. The pan-European engagement consisted of co-creating an e-engagement vision, technical product selection, architecture design, implementation of the customer portal and initial selection of cloud based product lines such as video conferencing.

Partnering with you

We partner with business leaders to enable them to improve profitability, identify new revenue streams, develop agile go-to-market strategies, build lasting organisational capabilities, and launch and market products and services.









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