DJ Adams

DJ Adams

Principal Consultant & Mobile, UX and Development Centre of Excellence Lead


DJ Adams is an enterprise architect and open source programmer, author and bread-maker. He has a degree in Latin and Greek (Classics) from the University of London and, despite having been referred to as an alpha geek, can nevertheless tie his own shoelaces and drink beer without spilling it.

He hacks primarily on SAP systems for a living, and has been doing for over 20 years, cutting his teeth modifying SAP applications in S/370 assembler, building real-time interfaces between forklift truck-mounted RF devices and SAP materials and warehouse modules in C (yes, this was pre-MM-MOB and WM-LSR!), and most recently integrating SAP, Ariba, Infor, Siebel, IXOS and PeopleSoft systems with a REST-based ERP business messaging gateway built on an SAP NetWeaver platform and processing tens of thousands of messages per day. Phew!

DJ is an SAP Mentor, and in 2003 helped get the SAP Developer Network (SDN) off the ground. He also spent a year working at SAP Walldorf in the 1990s, and is proud to still have some of his code and ideas in core SAP software.

When not building and integrating systems, he advises enterprises on architecture and integration, from SOA to REST, from pubsub (most recently with Coffeeshop) to messaging and presence, from message queues to webhooks.  DJ has written two books for O'Reilly, on Jabber (XMPP) and Google.